What my cleints say about me

I was looking for big results and fierce motivation from Andy, and I got it! I call Andy the Big Man, as he doesn’t let me slip at all, and keeps driving me on to bigger and better results. If you’re looking to get impressive fitness results, Andy is your man.


I’ve worked with many personal trainers over the years, but Andy is on another level of innovation, professionalism, and enjoyment. Andy gets fantastic results and keeps every session different and fresh, meaning my motivation for fitness has never been higher. Plus, for someone who enjoys food like me, he is a brilliant nutritionist and menu planner and has taught me so much about how to make food healthy and delicious, whilst never feeling hungry.


I heard about Andy six months ago from a close friend and decided to try him to see if he could have helped lose body fat. After few weeks of coaching with him, following his dietary advice, I started to notice my general level of health and fitness was dramatically improving. Since then, I feel like a new person. Not only my body looks better, but I am now less nervous, more confident and more focused in my day to day activities.


“Andy is an inspirational coach. He is conscientious, dedicated and always goes the extra mile. His unique, holistic approach and tailor-made programmes ensure that everyone he coaches gets the very best from each one of their sessions and achieves the optimum result.”


Andy has taught me the importance of portion control (by use of a portion plate!) and how to count calories in a way that matters. These are skills I will keep with me forever.